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The city is becoming safer

The Professional Solution And Service Provider Of Artificial Intelligence And Video Big Data

Smart City

PCITECH attaches importance to big data sharing and opening, and aims to build a new smart city with sustainable development and provide intelligent services to the whole society by dedicating itself to security safeguarding, efficiency improving, openness encouraging, culture sharing, health building and environment protection.

PCITECH has participated in smart city constructions with public safety as the core in more than 40 cities, and achieved a nationwide strategic layout, covering Xueliang Project, Skynet Project, Safe City,and Three-dimensional Public Security Prevention and Control Project.

Intelligent System&Platform

PCITECH 's artificial intelligence technology and products have been widely used in urban public safety and urban traffic management. The independent research and development products are as follows:Video & Image Cloud Plus Application Platform,  Face Cloud Platform,  Vehicle Cloud Platform,Video Networking Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Platform,One Camera One File System,Integrated Platform of Gridded Social Governance, Video Structure Analysis Platform, Smart police integrated application platform, Video Structure Information Database and integrated platform of video,data and map application.

  • Video & Image Cloud Plus Application Platform
  • Face Big Data Platform
  • Vehicle Big Data Platform
  • Video Networking Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Platform
  • One Camera One File System
  • Integrated Platform of Gridded Social Governance
  • Video Structure Analysis Platform
  • Smart Police Integrated Application Platform
  • Video Structure Information Database
  • Integrated platform of video, data and map application

Video & Image Cloud Plus Application Platform

Practice-oriented big data & cloud application system

Video& Image Cloud Plus Application Platform is mainly based on artificial intelligence and big data technology, with face recognition technology as the core, integrates face capture with multi-dimensional data such as video + entrance guard data, “four standard four real” (standard construction drawing, standard address library, standard building code, and standard base grid; real population, real properties, real companies and real facilities) data, electronic device data(WiFi) and vehicle capture data to assist grassroots policemen to carry out defense and control work by comparing, analyzing and  exploring video big data from the perspectives of people, vehicles and cases. All in all, it is a  practice-oriented big data application system.

PCITECH’s Video & Image Cloud Plus Application Platform won the bid of Guangdong Public Security Video Cloud (Phase I) project, becoming the first provincial-level video cloud platform in China.

Industry Solutions
Intelligent Public Security

Based on the Video Networking Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Platform, One Camera One File Application System, Integrated Platform of Gridded Social Governance, PCITECH aims to build Video & Image Cloud Plus Application Platform and new smart police by exerting video structure processing technology, face recognition and vehicle identification technology. In according to the practice of the police, PCITECH will provide the users a full chain solution for video cloud through extracting  annotating and analyzing the features of five types of elements in practice such as “face, portrait, motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle, and IOT perception” in video images, combining real public security business, and integrating business data and processes.

Typical Cases
Peace and Safety Construction

The peace and safety construction project has covered Guangdong province and the whole China with Guangzhou as its base

Video Networking Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Platform

Cases appeared in 40 cities of 17provinces like Guangdong, Shandong, Xinjiang and Guizhou

One Camera One File System

Guangdong Police One Camera One File System(covering Guangdong Provincial Bureau of public security, Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Zhanjiang, Heyuan and other cities)

Vehicle Cloud Platform

Guangzhou Bayonet Bayonet Data Platform

Police Comprehensive Command and Dispatch System

Including provincial platforms and other 21 municipal platforms


Other Cases

"Tianwang" project in Shinan District of Qingdao

Smart City in Pingba District of Anshun in Guizhou Province

Construction of the security bayonet of the moat project in Shunde District

Shanwei(Highway) Intelligent Traffic Management System Project

Guangzhou Online Vehicle Management Office

Guangzhou highway(fast) traffic monitoring access and traffic information board

Guangxi Baise Electronic Police System


"Video & Image Cloud Plus Application Platform" Big Data Application Platform

Guangdong Public Security Video Cloud Phase I 

Security prevention and control video platform for Airport public security bureau in Guangdong Province

Smart Security in Cities of Shandong Province

Qingdao SCO Summit 

Pilot Video Cloud Big Data Platform of Public Security Bureau in Huangpu District of Guangzhou

Social Security Video Surveillance (Phase II) System in Shanwei

Pilot Video Cloud Big Data Platform of Public Security Bureau in Huadu District of Guangzhou

Video Surveillance System for Social Security, Intelligent Transportation and Municipal Management in Qingyuan

Dynamic Face Recognition Application Project in Shunde district of Foshan

smart Public Security in dozens of cities in Shandong province


Smart Governance

Aiming at further improving administrative efficiency, providing better public service and facilitating a more convenient environment for enterprises and people, PCITECH utilizes Internet + government information technology to strengthen the standardization of administrative service centers, improve the intelligence level of government office, supervision, service, and decision-making, and help to build a service-oriented government that is pragmatic, efficient and convenient.

Typical Cases
Integrated platform of Gridded Social Governance

Integrated platform of Gridded Social Governance

Gridded Community Service Management System in Guangzhou

Platform Upgrade Project in Huadu district of Guangzhou

Platform Upgrade Project in Zengcheng district of Guangzhou

Guangzhou Urban Management Basic Data System (large project representative)


12345 Government Service Hotline across China

The 12345 government service hotline has been widely used in more than 27 cities from 11 provinces Guangzhou 12345 government hotline platform(large project representative)


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