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Talent concept


Talent Concept

Talent Training

To mine talents, cultivate talents, and respect talents is the way how PCITECH use people. PCITECH is committed to providing long-term personal growth and broad career development space for outstanding talents, because we believe that only valuable talents are the most important assets, which is the foundation of enterprise development. Therefore, we hope that you will join us, blend into the blood of PCITECH, so that we can work together, make progress and share achievements together. At the same time, we also hope to provide you with a broader platform so that you can give full play to your talents. In PCITECH, you will be able to strengthen your ability in all aspects, study from the most senior tutors, and grow into a technology expert. The company will offer you more and more diverse learning content and ways to help you become a better expert, manager, or leader. If your innovation or idea is recognized by the company's big boss, you will receive an investment fund. That means you will become the founder or partner of the startup. We have prepared a salary for you that matches your talents. If you are excellent enough, we will also grant you stock options and employee stocks with ten times the value-added space!

Talent Recommendation

While placing importance on external recruitment, we emphasize on internal talent recommendation. We have implemented a talent recommendation system within the company. No matter who you are, as long as you have someone to recommend for PCITECH, please send their resumes to: by email, and make sure to note your position and code in the email header. If the person you recommend is employed, you will receive a beautiful gift from us.

Talent Pool

If there is no suitable position in our hot recruitment but you want to join PCITECH, please send us your resume, we will put it in the company talent pool. Once there is a suitable position for you, we will give priority to you. Please send your resume to: and indicate your targeted position in the e-mail header.

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