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Innovation can change the way of life

Innovation Can Change The Way Of Life Innovative,Full-Scenario Application Of Artificaal Intelligence

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Commercial Intelligent Products

A.I. Application Container of Multiple Functions and Exquisite Appearance

Focus on the core entrance of the A.I. society, focus on needs of clients and the enterprise-level requirements of authentication and identity recognition with people orientation, provide the artificial intelligence products and solutions for the vertical industry, and make social production and life more convenient, safer and freer.

Intelligent Multi-payment

Focus on mobile payment to serve transportation industry

Intelligent multi-payment is based on the multi-payment of public transportation and smart identification, and launches “Cloud Card”, “AFC 4.0” products and “AI Smart Life” innovative services for public transportation, rail transit and highways to help public transportation achieve mobile payment and precision operations, provide safer, smarter and cleaner travel services.

  • Public Transit
  • Rail Transportation
  • Highway
  • Urban Security Inspection
  • Smart Building
  • A.I. Smart Life

Internet PLUS Information Service

An A.I. Application expert for you

The Internet + information service is mainly composed of three parts. The first part is the basic platform, which provides customers with big data cloud computing services to realize convenient and accurate information data cloud processing. meanwhile, PCITECH’s integrated data platform offers data to information service business to ensure the accuracy and reliability of product services. The second part is integrated business. PCITECH provides customers with a variety of optional public security information services solutions, including traffic police, immigration, household administration, security and supervision. The third part is product channels, which is mainly composed of WeChat, Alipay, Baidu, self-built APP and other channels. It combines various online and offline channels and platforms to provide convenient and easy public security and convenience information services for the general public. The PCITECH is the platforms contractor of Guangdong Police, Guangzhou Public Security, Baotou Public Security WeChat Public Account, Yangjiang Police and other provincial and municipal convenient service platform of public security, innovatively creating a number of industry-leading public security convenient service solutions, such as Vehicle Relocation Code on Guangdong Police, Guangzhou Public Security Dog Registration, Guangzhou Public Security Vehicle Limited Assistant.

Guangdong Police

PCITECH joined hands with Guangdong Unicom to build the “Guangdong police” convenience information service platform. The company provides the platform with technical support and operation services. In addition, together with Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Gaode Map and the three major communication operators , PCITECH offers the general public the public security and convenience information services closely related to the daily life, such as traffic control, entry and exit, household affairs and other public affairs through WeChat, Alipay, Baidu, self-built APP, short MMS and other means. By doing that, effective interaction between police and people can be achieved and people’s needs are satisfied. Guangdong Police has served over 10 billion users for more than 5 billion times since it puts into use.

Vehicle after-sale service market

PCITECH works together with Guangzhou Post, Life Insurance and other industry partners to provide car owners with integrated car after-sale services such as insurance, fuel card, parking card, auto supplies, insurance products, car beauty card and 4S shop maintenance service.

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