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party culture


Party Culture

PCITECH focuses on exploring the three-step party work in non-public enterprises:

  • Improve Organization and Enrich Life

  • Standardize Management and Play a Role

  • Innovate Ideas and Highlight Characteristics

Basic Information

On September 12, 1998, PCITECH party branch was established. On March 30, 2012, PCITECH general party branch was set up. And now there are 135 party members.

In 2015, PCITECH was awarded as Tianhe District non-public economic organization “two recommendation and two cultivation” demonstration company.

In 2016, PCITECH was rated as the advanced party organization of Tianhe Science and Technology Park, and then it set up the “Guangzhou Municipal Party School Education and Research Base”.

In 2017, PCITECH was selected as the advanced party organization among non-public economic organizations in Guangzhou.

Improve Organization and Enrich Life
Standardize Management and Play a Role
Role Play

Since 2012, many party members have been promoted to be managerial staff or industry experts in technological innovation. Some are unconventionally(cross-level) promoted for their outstanding achievements. And they truly play a vanguard role in different positions in the company, including:

The largest single contract in the history of PCITECH was signed by a party member.

The party member scientific research team won the first prize of the Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award.

The research and development achievements of party member scientific research workers were selected into the National Torch Program.

Innovate Ideas and Highlight Characteristics
Internet Thinking (idea innovation)

President Liu Wei: Industry upgrading depends on the Internet, and party building rely on Internet thinking.

Liu Yan, general secretary of the Party branch: we should make use of the "user first" thinking to give full play to the mass line. The "platform economy" thinking allows each party member to participate in the design of party members' education, life organization and daily activities, and "big data" thinking offers personalized services to party members and provides more precise management for party building.

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