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Rail transit will be more intelligent

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CBN SYSTEM(including dedicated communication, public security communication, civil communication):Guaranteeing intelligent operation and service

Rail Transit Communication Backbone Network is the network platform for rail transit operation command, enterprise management, public safety governance, and passengers serving. As the nerve system for the normal operation of rail transit, it keeps the train fast, safe and punctual. Under normal conditions, CBN guarantees the safe and efficient operation of the train, and provides high-quality service for passengers; while under abnormal conditions, it can be quickly transformed into a command communication system to prevent disasters, rescue people and handle accidents. The Communication Backbone Network consists of a dedicated communication network, a public security communication network, and a civil communication network. Together, the three networks constitute an integrated service communication network that transmits various information such as voice, text, data, and images.

Application Cases

North Extension Section of Guangzhou Metro Line 3 / Guangzhou Metro Line 6 / Dongguan City Rapid Rail Transit Line R2 / the first phase of Ningbo Metro Line 1 / the first phase of Nanning Metro Line 1 / the first phase of Xiamen Metro Line 1 / Hefei Metro Line 2 / the first phase of Fuzhou Metro Line 1 / Guangzhou Rail Transit / Guangzhou Metro Line 4 / Extension Lines of Guangzhou Metro Line 2 and Line 8 / Municipal Traffic in Core Area of Zhujiang New Town / Intercity railways among Pearl River Delta / Guangzhou Metro Line 7 and Line 9 / Guangzhou Metro Line 3 / the Beiyan station and Nanyan Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 4 in Chehuang Section / Guangzhou Metro Line 5 / Guangzhou Metro Line 1 / the first phase of Ningbo Metro Line 2/Guangzhou Metro Line 21, the first phase of Guangzhou Metro Line 14 and the the Knowledge City sub-line / Ningbo Metro Line 3 and Intercity Railway from Ningbo to Fenghua.......

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