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ICT Products & Services

With profound resources and abundant experience, PCITECH is dedicated to provide a series of value-added services such as networking and cloud computing products and services, basic framework outsourcing, operation, and other services, enabling the rapid deployment and implementation of products and services and new technology solutions. With an efficient operation management system and a nationwide operation network, PCITECH is  able to respond timely to the needs of  customers in different cities and provides all-round professional services related to IT products, sales, system integration, training consulting and after-sales for customers in areas such as government, finance, telecommunication, manufacturing, education and IT. Its business covers all regions except Taiwan and Hong Kong, and it has offices in more than 50 major cities.

Typical Cases

Infrastructure Maintenance Service for 95598 System of State Grid

Intranet System Super Fusion for Guangdong General Hospital

Operation and Maintenance Service for ACC System of Guangzhou Metro

Overall IT Operation and Maintenance Service for Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center

Maintenance Service for Core Application System of Guangzhou Local Taxation Bureau

Core Database of Guangzhou Friendship Group Co., Ltd.

The first phase of Zhejiang International Film and Television Center Cloud Platform

Zhejiang Satellite TV Fragmentation Resource Pool

Chain Stores (Wanning, 7-Eleven) Operation and Maintenance

IT Operation and Maintenance Service and Information Equipment Leasing of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University

Smart Data Center Construction of West China Hospital of Stomatology

overall IT outsourcing of Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd.

Production System Installation and Deployment of GAC Fiat NPL, MES

Maintenance Service for Management System of Shangri-La Hotel

Network and Data Center of Guizhou Bank

Data Center of Liupanshui Pingpan City Phase II


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